Some Explanatory Samples

I wanted to include some samples from Rudhyar’s book I discussed in my last post. Since I only know my own chart, I’ll give you examples from that.

Keep in mind that there is a symbol for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They are rounded up to the next whole degree.

The degree and sign of the four angles of my chart give me my direction and purpose. My ascendant answers the question What? The symbol is Chanticleer’s Voice Heralds the Dawn, which Rudhyar explains as a creative and joyous response to life processes and a response to life’s renewals.

My descendant, directly opposite the ascendant, answers the question Whereto? The symbol is a pregnant woman in a light summer dress, which Rudhyar interprets as inner fulfillment. Yes, I can say that I have been heading in the direction of inner fulfillment with every undertaking in my life.

The nadir or seat of my chart shows me How to go about gaining inner fulfillment and to express myself with a creative, joyous outlook on life. The symbol for the nadir is Pilgrims Climbing The Steep Steps Leading To A Mountain Shrine. This is pretty funny since I am a Capricorn in western astrology and as a mountain goat am CONSTANTLY climbing mountains …….. the symbol is condensed to the meaning of up reaching. So so far I am joyous in the face of the creative process while seeking inner fulfillment and I am constantly up reaching to do so.

The Why is answered by the symbol on the mid-heaven directly opposite the nadir. The symbol is A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled with Expensive Homes. And this is distilled down to catharsis – a release of thought and strong emotions.

So now we have it – I seek joy in life’s creation and renewal so that I may find inner fulfillment and I do this by constantly reaching up to release thought and emotion. Pretty slick, huh? Sounds like meditation to me . . . .

How I Find My Direction

Life changes. Daily, hourly, by the second. I’m a person who needs a direction, not necessarily a goal, but more a rudder. I have, from time to time, lost my faith. Then it finds me. Usually the loss of it involves circumstances beyond my CONTROL that deal with the mundane daily life that all of us face. I would be much happier if I could retire to an ashram and gaze upon my navel for eternity. I don’t like the humdrum consequences of living in the world. I make them disappear – or at least inform me about where I’m heading and what I’m looking toward.

Years ago, way before I started working as a psychic, I studied western astrology. I studied it in-depth, bought every book I could find on the subject and had many chart interpretations. I learned. When I began working as a psychic, I also offered chart interpretation as an option for my clients. It was a favorite reading of my chiropractor – he felt that at least it was scientific! Little did he know that the information I gave him was the SAME information no matter how I got it!

I became interested in astrology as a kid – primarily because it did not threaten my mother’s Christian belief system. I think she believed it was hooey, but harmless hooey. When I began reading clients, my mother swore up and down she was psychic too. I must say it was a big turn around from the finger pointed at her head and twirling that I used to get!

I naturally love symbols. Tarot cards are symbols. Laying them out was my sign to go to work. Listening to what was being said was directed by the cards. What was being said to me was coming directly from my guides and I even visualized the energy passing between me and my client. Should I not tell the client a perceived negative, my guides would coax me and if I still would not say it, they would shut down. So if I wanted to continue I had to spit it out.


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I’m not sure when I first came to purchase Dane Rhudyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. I do know that I knew that each degree of the zodiac had a visual symbol and they were interpreted by Rhudyar as a cycle of transformation. These are what are known as Sabian symbols. These were created by Marc Edmund Jones and a psychic named Elsie Wheeler at Balboa Park in San Diego on one day in 1925. Wheeler was a psychic who was disabled and Jones a noted astrologer of the time (and all time). Wheeler wanted to do something important, because even as a popular working psychic, she was disappointed by the mundane questions asked by her clients. Rather than being interested in growing and fulfilling themselves, they were more interested in the next job, romance or their money. I totally get this. When one of my clients called to ask me if I thought she should get her hair cut – I had to pause and think about how much good I was actually doing.

Jones was inspired by the work of a Welsh seer, John Thomas, on the subject of symbols of the 360 degree zodiac. Using Thomas’ symbols was not something Jones chose to do, but rather he determined to take Ms. Wheeler to a place where they could be undisturbed and to give her plain index cards with the degree of the zodiac on the card. Ms. Wheeler then gave Jones a description of what she saw for that degree and Jones wrote this down.

The fact that this was done all on one day is amazing. The symbols themselves are astounding and Rhudyar, who reinterpreted them in the Mandala, informs an astrological chart in ways that cannot be done in any other manner.

The interpretations by Rhudyar are esoteric.  There is extensive information in this book not only on Rhudyar’s methods and beliefs, but on how to use this in divination. This is not divination to find out when you might get a new job or meet your soul mate or win the lottery. This is divination involving why you are here, what you must do, how you can accomplish this and why you bother. By reading the symbol for the degree on the angles of the chart., i.e., ascendant, descendant, nadir and mid-heaven, you find your purpose. Maybe not all at once, but eventually clarification comes.

He explains also the purpose of each planet, including the sun and moon. And in reading the symbol of the degree of each planet, you are also informed as to what energy you must bring to bear in order to get the fulfillment from life that you were born to have.

Note that when looking at the degree symbol for the angles and planets, if your sun is 12 degrees 58 minutes Capricorn, you would read the symbol for 13 degrees Capricorn.

I highly recommend searching out a copy of this book for those of you who wish to delve deep into astrology. You can find your chart online at for free. The only requirement is that for accuracy you must know the time of your birth. In many instances this will be on your birth certificate. I was reminded constantly by my mother of the time of my birth (took too long for her).

The recent lunar eclipse caused me to get this book out again. This lunar eclipse begins a powerful couple of weeks astrologically speaking. We had the lunar eclipse on April 15 which will be followed by a Cardinal Grand Square of Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto on the 23/24 of April and then quickly followed by a solar eclipse on April 29. The lunar eclipse occurred conjunct my ascendant, Mars and Neptune (and loosely conjunct Saturn). The Cardinal Grand Cross occurs over my own natal Grand Cross of Saturn, Moon, Sun and Uranus to almost the exact degrees. The solar eclipse will occur at 8 degrees 52 minutes Taurus. Thank god I don’t have a hard aspect to that!

The next two weeks bear watching. They bear watching not with fear, but with a sense of correctness and inner peace.  To have peace, be peace. It’s the only way. If you are tempted to read Rhudyar’s work, many can be found online.

Global Chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas – Dhyanyoga Centers


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Global Chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas – Dhyanyoga Centers.

Six hours chanting beginning at noon EDT on Saturday April 19! I’ll be chanting ………

Electrical Charge!

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I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m clairvoyant. It sounds odd, I know.  I’ve spent quite a few years working in the “field” as a reader. I’ve found missing people, etc. I’ve done this while lots of people look at me like I’m totally nuts. I’m used to it. I’ve spent all my years picking up strange and at times, troubling, sensations.

For instance the scattered energy at the nursing home the other day. I could sense the inner electrical charge affecting the patients. I only started feeling the electrical charge today.  And it’s a doozy!

My brain is wired and I’m picking up all sorts of sensations. I have had no trouble sleeping, which usually occurs on a full moon, but I’ve been receiving images and feelings and a sense of something about to happen. Whether the something is what is considered good or not is a question. Since everything that happens is just everything that happens, it doesn’t much matter. What matters is the wonder I feel sitting here experiencing a planetary occurrence as if it is a gift from the spirit world.

I was wondering why I was experiencing this eclipse so strongly (in truth they’re all strong) and so I went searching for answers. Nothing like looking in the empirical world for non-empirical answers!  I did find it. I looked to see in which the lunar eclipse occurred. And yeah, it occurred at 25 odd degrees Libra. Which is about 3 degrees after my ascendant, Mars and Neptune. So cool, all of these planets have been activated. It’s a wonder I can stand up.

It will be interesting to see how I get along the next three days – until the 18th – when most of the energy surrounding this eclipse will dissipate. The effect on the planets stirred up by this will last lots longer, six months or more.

I can only describe this as being in the middle of a swirl or eddy of energy and I already had quite a bit of spectral energy all on my own! Since this phenomena occurred 19 years ago, one guide suggested you look back at what was happening in your life at that time to get a sense of what this eclipse will bring. Oh man. No thanks.


A Good Day


Snuffling around yesterday after Maggie woke me up in a panic, it was time for a nursing home visit. I must admit I had some trepidation after the last visit. This time, I waited until lunch would be almost over. I had found out by experiment and some judicious questioning that DH wasn’t eating because he didn’t like what he was given. There are always two choices for meals and a selection of cheeseburgers, chef salad, grilled cheese, etc. if they don’t want any of the two choices. So I filled out a new menu and he’s getting food he likes. The minute I got there the staff let me know he ate his lunch! Yay!

My first step after greeting him was to wheel him into his room so we could be alone. He was sitting next to the lady who asks repetitive questions constantly. Not wanting to answer these questions, we moved.

Because of his disease, he can’t talk very well. Yes, no and some other words are about all he can say. He has surprised me recently with being able to form more words and complete sentences. His memory isn’t as bad as his ability to think things through and make decisions. He doesn’t have planning ability any longer.

I was chatting away letting him know what I’ve been doing the last couple of days and then – running out of exciting things to talk about – I started telling him about the news. He got very excited and happy. I asked him if he was happy because I was telling him about what’s going on and he said YES. So I spent an hour talking to him about the news in the world – even Crimea which is a concern for him because he’s from Latvia – which has been invaded by Russia several times. He would like Russia to stay out of Latvia. We talked about Obamacare and how long we have to go until a real leader becomes president and how the economy will probably soar into the heavens on January 21, 2017 and various other political stories. We talked about the missing airplane and he agreed with me that if it had gone into the ocean it wouldn’t just sink sweetly – it would have left a debris field.

We had a great visit. Everyone there loves him, which makes this so much easier for me. It is still hard to have him in a nursing home but I know they can and will take care of him and I can’t. So one of us feels better anyway. I think he’s quite used to the place and even though he would rather be home, he’s as content as possible. He also isn’t bothered by those around him. He ignores things very well – including me.

I didn’t see the combative one yesterday. I’m not sure if she was there still.

If you can believe it – it snowed overnight. Honestly this is enough! It was 65 yesterday and then it snowed at night? It will be warm again tomorrow – in the 50s and all of this will be gone.

I came home and rested a bit – visiting the nursing home exhausts me. And then I worked on my second sock. It was a good day!




Maggie provided me with a RUDE awakening this morning. She got into the window by the head of my bed. I have no idea how she gets in there. She has to part the curtain, lift the shade and crawl into the window. She sat there chirping at something that looked edible for about half an hour. Then she decided to get out and PLOP fell right on the floor. Unhurt, thankfully, but she may not try that again soon.

If anyone knows how to train a cat – a 4-year-old untrained cat – let me know. She’s gone from scratching the corners of my leather furniture to scratching the backs of the seat. I’ve put a quilt over it for now – hopefully Boops will cut it out. The corners of my furniture are down to the wood inside. With little bits of stuffing showing for designer looks.

Ah. Anyway, she’s a love so I put up with it. She just looks at me when I tell her to stop doing something. Kind of like, who are you? Why do YOU exist? After breakfast, lunch and dinner I am not needed. Until it’s time to clean the litter – she prefers that I do that before supper.

After supper she meows a question at DS – like MEOOOOOOW? which means “I’m coming into your room and sleeping on YOUR chair. Get over it.” But it is still a meowed question. If he doesn’t let her in, she waits upstairs in the hallway until I come up, goes to his door, looks back at me and puts her paws up on the doorknob. While meowing piteously. Such a card.

When she was little she used to jump on everyone’s back and lay down on their shoulders. It’s very hard to walk around with a kitty on your back. Especially with her claws dug into you. I will say she tried that with me maybe once. The guys got the cat jump ALL the time until she got bigger and wasn’t quite sure how to land the jump. She is a bit of a clutz and has been known to fall off things because she will only sit on the edge. She would not make a good  tight rope walker.

Weather Report

Since I truly complained on and on about our horrible winter, I am gone to tempt the Goddess by letting you all know it’s spring here!!! It was 63 degrees today and it’s going to be 73 on Monday! Yay! The sun has been shining, almost all of the snow has melted (there are flood warnings on the rivers for ice jams, oops) and it is lovely.

I even have crocuses and tulips popping up in between the brown dead stuff that is my yard. I feel reprieved. I have actually been running fossil fuel heating free – and even if you count the heat pump – it’s off. Now if we can keep the temperatures below 90 degrees and the humidity below 50% – we’ll have a great summer!

There’s even a Blood Moon Tuesday – at 2:00 am EDT the eclipse will start …….. it will occur without my presence. I don’t think I’ll be hanging out the window at that hour!

I’m almost done with the heel flap on the second sock ……. in three days! I can’t wait to start another pair.

The Grave Maurice – Martha Grimes


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photo credit

Another Detective Superintendent Richard Jury mystery I completed a day or so ago. I’m really glad that I sleep alone – well, except for the cat – because me screaming NO! in the middle of someone else trying to sleep would have been disturbing, I think.

The Grave Maurice is a pub close to the London hospital where Richard Jury is recuperating from injuries suffered in the last outing. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know about the last book yet. Seriously.  In this pub, Melrose Plant overhears a conversation he thinks will interest Jury.

Jury is suffering mightily from the ministrations of his nurse, Hannah Bell – or as Melrose Plant and Sergeant Wiggins call her – Hannibal. She chatters in his room, she refuses visitors and generally makes herself a pest.

Jury is finally released from the hospital and has a special mission. He’s not allowed to go back to work just yet, but his surgeon’s daughter was abducted two years before. There has been no ransom demand and everyone is starting to think she’s dead. Except a few – including Jury.

As the cover intimates, a great deal of this book is about horses. The doctor’s father runs a thoroughbred racing farm and Nell, the abducted daughter, lived with the grandfather and a cousin. She’s taken one night while sleeping with the horses and Jury decides to make the mystery of her disappearance a part of his recuperation.

As always Melrose Plant helps with the detection. In this instance, Jury asks him to go to the farm and snoop around. Because Plant is obviously of the idle rich aristocracy, Jury says he’ll get further than anyone else. Plant is only to nose around and ask questions about the purchase of horses, but being Melrose, and richer than God, he buys one. There are some pretty humorous thoughts running around in Plant’s head when the stable boss tries to get him to ride the thoroughbred. Needless to say, Melrose did have a pony – but riding this horse is a whole different story.

Martha Grimes’ writing gets better with each book. I can never tire of these. This one takes you from the hospital to a thoroughbred breeding farm through a despicable use of horses at another farm and on to the hunt. Jury spends a fair amount of time traveling and Plant gives him the run of his home, Ardry End, in which to crash and recover.

The mesmerizing qualities of Nell, even through an old photograph; the stories of races won and lost; the love of a stepson for his stepfather and niece - all of these elements bring the story to life.  There is, once again, a penny that drops for Jury. More of a niggling recognition that something isn’t right than a penny drop. And there is the constant humor of the Long Piddleton crowd at the Jack and Hammer – Melrose Plant’s local pub and a place where Richard Jury is always welcomed.  Ask them about Count Dracula when you stop by.


I’d Like To Be Patient – But I’m Not

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Sometimes you would think that all I do is knit and read. With occasional whining thrown in for good measure, but I don’t. I visit my husband in the memory care unit of a local nursing home too. Sometimes every other day, mostly every two days, I’m there.

He was going through a spell of not eating. He was sick of the menu. I changed things up a bit for him and now he’s eating, thank God. He’s recently moved into a wheelchair which is such a relief! Not only for me, but for him too. He is no longer anxious, frightened or scared when you move him. We used to scoot up his chair to the table and he would shake in fright. His sense of balance and immobility had really gotten to him.

Today was another visit day. He’s fine. However – and this is a BIG HOWEVER some of the other patients on the unit get right up my ass and won’t give me a break. I swear today I was ready to slap at least three of them.

I know they have issues. I also know there’s medication out there and FOR CHRIST’S SAKE PUT THESE WOMEN ON MEDS. This one is so bad she gets nasty and angry if the staff try to redirect her. I’ve seen her husband there and he has to run to get away from her. I had to fight with her the last time I was there just to get out the door of the locked unit. She is beyond memory care – she needs a psych ward with big strong attendants – and a straight jacket wouldn’t hurt either. I think she would be just as annoying if she wasn’t as mentally unhinged as she is.

There’s another one there that makes me cringe when I have to sit near her. She asks me the same questions over and over and over and over and over. I want to say shut the $#### up I’m not hear to visit you – but I answer the frigging questions. Jeez Louise. She keeps asking if DH is my father – okay – here’s the deal – he’s 13 years older than I am. I dye my hair. I have good genes and I look young for my age. He’s sick. He doesn’t look young for his age. HE’S MY %$###  HUSBAND, NOT MY FATHER. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CARVE THAT INTO YOUR FACE? KEEP ASKING AND YOUR WISH WILL BE GRANTED.

WHEW. Sorry – I had to let that out. The moon – which will eclipse on the 15th and is shooting off all kinds of currents right now – has these babes totally off the wall. I had to leave about 10 minutes earlier than usual because I was so very very sick of them. Next time I’m skipping lunch and going after ……….. for my sanity.

I Like A Little Color . . .





My sock yarn stash is growing – not as much as I want though! I keep looking at all the sock yarn I can find – and I’m darned great at finding yarn! In the first picture, from left to right is Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock in Hummingbird, Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Sugar Plum, Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock in Summer Dusk, Fleece Artist BFL Sock in Hibiscus, Fleece Artist Trail Sock in Seashore, Fleece Artist Kidazzle in Caicos and Handmaiden Casbah in Hibiscus. I seem to like rainbow-colored yarn ……….

The picture can’t convey the quality of the yarn. All of this is outstanding and particularly the Handmaiden Casbah. I’m afraid that is going to be my go-to yarn for socks. But I love the Sweet Georgia and all of the Fleece Artist too! Plus I have two more skeins of Misti Alpaca in Bird of Paradise and Northern Lights …….

I am about halfway done with the second Monte Carlo sock – I can’t wait to start another one. I also can’t wait to buy more sock yarn. I’ve even been thinking about hand-painting my own – I’ve got a huge collection of dye …….. just need the blank yarn.

And another set of DPNs is on its way ……………

I can’t wait to clean out my sock drawer and stuff it with homemade socks …………..