Where I’m Moving in Maine


You can see my lovely town of Bangor, there about halfway up the coast of Maine. We call it Central or Northern Down East Maine. I would prefer Down East – it’s beautiful there. Truly beautiful ….. and expensive.

I’ve chosen to move to Washington County, back toward Canada, but still in the US. I won’t live outside the US again unless I get to live in Paris. I will leave the US in a New York minute if I get to live in Paris.

Sadly,l my tiny little village of choice actually isn’t shown on this map. If you look at the right-hand side of Maine, on the Bay of Fundy and close to Canada – you will see Eastport. Eastport and Lubec used to be one town. They are now two and Lubec is just across the way from Eastport.

Here is the cove where I want to live:


Do you wonder that I cannot wait to be there? This is another view of Lubec:


This one is kind of postcard-like. But this one


Shoes you the REAL Lubec, the marina, the water, the sheer joy of living there.

Here’s a description of Lubec from Wikipedia:

Lubec is located in northeastern Maine, at 44°51′38″N 66°59′5″W.[9]

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 78.38 square miles (203.00 km2), of which, 33.25 square miles (86.12 km2) of it is land and 45.13 square miles (116.89 km2) is water.[1] Lubec is located on a peninsula in Passamaquoddy Bay, slightly south of Eastport. The West Quoddy Head is southeast.

West Quoddy Head in Lubec is the easternmost point in the United States, located at 44°48′54″N 66°57′1″W longitude. It is adjacent to the Quoddy Narrows, a narrow strait between Canada and the United States, one of the entrances into Passamaquoddy Bay. Since 1808, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse has been on the site to guide ships through this waterway. The present lighthouse with its distinctive red-and-white stripes was built in 1858.

Lubec is crossed by Maine State Route 189. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge connects the town to Campobello IslandNew BrunswickCanada.

And that’s a place well worth going. I cannot wait to move to this area. I pray that I can and soon. I am ready to explore new places again and I loved Eastport and that general area when we visited there for a week in 2001, right before September 11.

It is there that I will find my garden, my vegetables, my herbs. It is there that I will find my comfort, my rest, my being at place. It is there I want to be. And since I have determined that that is what I need, I know the Cosmic Consciousness will set everything in motion for me. I am blessed that way. 

And here’s my house ……… not quite yet, but soon -




That’ll do, won’t it?

James Rosen and the State Dept. on reported killing of second US journalist | Fox News Video

This is a very interesting video to watch. The immensely parsed statements of the spokesperson (who was an Obama campaign worker prior to getting this cushy job for which she has no qualifications AT ALL, proceeds to NOT answer James Rosen over and over.

A special word about James Rosen. We are buddies. I follow him on Twitter and I am proud to say he follows me. I love James Rosen. Were he not already married with children and a cat, I would see if he likes older women. I know he likes me because our names are similar but mine is spelt Rozens. It is an old Latvian name – pronounced just like Rosen only with an S at the end. I am multiple Rosens, therefore.

His reporting is one of the main reasons I watch Fox News, when I have cable, which I don’t now because they get touchy about paying the bill and you may have noticed that I was not flush in August. Too many big bills to pay that come all at once, it is what it is.

When I can pay the bill, which will be day after tomorrow, I will be able to see my buddy James again. And marvel at his erudite reporting and be happy that there is such a professional reporter representing us at the State Department – a place full of unprofessional people, from the Secretary of State of long faces on down …………

Just my opinion – I am not a follower of Barack Obama – in case you wanted to know.

State Dept. on reported killing of second US journalist | Fox News Video.

Moment Living and the Fire in Your Belly


Another post – more thoughts for contemplation. Namaste.

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Purple Mountain Majesties

I do tend to run on – and I repeat myself – but this is worth repeating – live in the moment. Be here now. Don’t live in the past or the future because they are both a dream. Learn to live from your soul – your center – be a witness and an observer of your life.

Living from a state of crisis is exhausting. I grew up living in crisis after crisis. This being Mother’s Day weekend, I’m going to share some truths with you that are less than flattering to my mother.

Mom ruled the house. Dad worked all day and all night until 9:30 pm and, if he could get away with it, Saturday and Sunday. He always said we needed the money and he had work. He wouldn’t turn it down. He had another little secret though – he loved my mother but could not…

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Wake the Sleeping Beauty


More imperative today than ever. A way out of this Hell on Earth.

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A few years ago, I found the book Vasishta‘s Yoga while readingDeepak Chopra‘s The Book of Secrets. I have read a lot of Chopra’s work and sadly, while I go “AHHA” while I’m reading, I seldom remembered to insert these bits of wisdom into my daily life.

I duly purchased another of Chopra’s works, something about resurrecting the body, and found it to be too full of political statements and leanings. I want my spiritual path to be free of judgment – so I stopped reading that book.

At any rate, he did direct me to Vasishta’s Yoga, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

In this 768 page book we are treated to lectures from Vasishta, along with allegories, vignette’s and explanations of existence and what it truly means. Vasishta is speaking to Rama, helping him to understand the true reality.

The theme…

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And a Word from Vasishta ………….


This is an old post, over a year old. It speaks to my finding of Enlightenment and my Guru on the way.

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I started reading Vasishta‘s Yoga by Venkatesananda back in 2005. I read it cover to cover 3 times. I am still reading it. Deepak Chopra had mentioned Vasishta in one of his books so I searched it out and got it. This is a seriously illuminating work. It is a spiritual text that gives one the explanation of nonduality and examples and exhortations on how to follow this path. I can’t really describe it – you have to read it. It is a bit like reading the Bible  but I think the verses and stories speak more clearly to the soul. All of the allegory is based on Brahma. It is soul lifting. It is worth reading the 767 pages over and over.

I think we can say that most of us fear loss. Loss of those we love, loss of things we have – just loss…

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